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Monday, January 12, 2009


Moving together we access the tangible experience of Absolute Truth. We start by committing to a common Understanding of the nature of Being. This Understanding is something that can not be fully expressed through language but is accessed easily from our immersion in each other given our common goal. Freedom is considered to be the absence of constraint, however there is a Freedom that is our natural state of Sanctity. Our bodies have not seemed to be free because we have tried to make them unconstrained from a world of innate limitation that we have conceived in our own minds. We have created the world that we see to prove that we are powerless. There is a world of Innocence that has never been changed by our limiting beliefs. When we look out from this world of Innocence, we see that what we have called the "real world" is simple the repository of our limiting beliefs and choices. The very thing that we have called "our body" is simply a belief in separation from All That Is. Everything that is conceived of within the world created by our minds is only a self-referential proof of what is already believed. In this Work we have dismissed ALL beliefs of limitation whatsoever. All social conditioning, all customs and moralities, all religious and political influences, all "new age" concepts, and all limiting ideas of any nature have been completely eliminated. Love remains to guide us

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